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Advertising and Marketing Opportunities

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Forums to Advertise and Post Your Ads On The Internet

A list of marketing forums for discussion of how to make money online and to post your ads in forums


Resouces I Use to Advertise on The Internet 

ALinks to advertise from classifieds to Facebook along with a list of ebooks and information to help you make more money online


Advertise at The Christian Business Network Forum 250,000+ Members Strong!

Become a Business Owner Group Member and Post to The Christian Business Network


Become a Board Section Owner with Automatic Ontopic Content

Going into your own board section in The Christian Business Network Forum even linking to your own website if you have one!


Let The Christian Business Network Automate Your Marketing for You!

Automatically have on topic content come into your board section of http://GodsBusinessWay.com AND into your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts!
Each one of these social media including The Christian Business Network will have a link back to your website if you have a website. If not we’ll just promote your board section


Over 250,000 registered readers of this advertising and marketing forum

Post Your Advertisement at Geek Date Forum

by Becoming  a Sponsor of Geek Date Dating Service

Post your business right in the top section of 
http://GeekDate.biz Geek Date Dating forum for only $9.00

Register with http://GeekDate.biz for free
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Become an Author and Post Your Dating and Relationship Articles and Geek Date Dating Website

After joining Geek Date dating website for free simply request a member update to Author FREE of charge!

Get and Learn to Write Professional Sales Letters to Make More Money by Selling More!by J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Send an Email to SalesLetterTips-subscribe@yahoogroups.com for FREE Weekly Sales Letter Writing Tips!

Who makes the most sales of their product?
The person with the best product?
The person with the best sales letter?

If you said, the person with the best sales letter sells the most, you just took one step ahead of your competitor!
Now, what have you done about it!?

Professional Sales Letters for:


Email Campaigns

Postal Letters

Aloha fellow business friends,

Continue by clicking here….


How I Write Professional Sales Letters by J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

How to Write Professional Sales Letters for:


Email Campaigns

Postal Letters

More Information


Sneaky Advertising and Marketing Tricks – Getting Customers with Free Offline Advertising by J. Richard Kirkham

In this book you will discover advertising and marketing tricks I use as a full time, self-employed in home computer tutor and virus removal specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii. Running a full time business on a shoestring advertising budget takes cunning and imagination. Utilizing my 30+ years of sales and public relations experience, I’ve not only increased my business and made money with


these sneaky advertising and marketing tricks, I’ve actually had people stop by and compliment me on my ideas. 

Proven Sneaky Advertising and Marketing Tricks


Get FREE Sneaky Advertising and Marketing Tricks by Following SneakyAdTricks on Twitter

I’m Going to Show You

How to Make Low Cost Business Cards That Get Calls  

Increasing Your Calls on Your Business Cards

When To Hand Out Your Business Card

Where to Leave Your Business Cards

All Advertising and Marketing Must….

Acting Like a Big Business

Cheap Ways to Advertise with Your Car

Coffee Shop Advertising – Getting People to Approach YOU!

Internet Access (It’s not what you think)

Sticky Advertising

A Helping Hand

Network Marketing (No it’s not MLM)

Your Attitude Communicating with a Prospect – Ask for Sympathy or a Position of Power

What to Say to Help Seal The Appointment

Yellow Pages Yes or No?

I’m Going to Try to Save Your Life


What Didn’t Work

The Lowest Cost Office Space You’ll EVER Find!

And More…!

I read my own advertising and marketing ebook at least once a week to remind me of free and cheap marketing and advertising ideas.

People miss so many advertising and marketing opportunities. If you miss a chance to advertise or market your product or service you have lost money you will not get back! So, I compiled a list and set of instructions of tested free ways to advertise and market myself and others have used successfully. Even if your business is on line if you’re not using my Sneaky Advertising Tricks offline you’re missing sales. This contains every advertising and marketing trick I’ve ever tried or heard of being tried over a 30 year period!


Hi Rick,

Thanks for your book “Sneaky Advertising and Marketing Tips – Getting Customers with Free Offline Advertising”.

I was surprised [pleasantly] to find this book covers much more than the title implies.

As you read this book you can sense the real life experience behind your work – such a refreshing change from the many rehashed out of date products out there today.

I have been Online marketing since 2000, during that time I have never considered using additional Off Line marketing tactics as described in your book. For several years now I have been building websites for Off Line, bricks and mortar businesses. More recently I have been building a lot more mobile sites for local businesses. I think the business owners I have been dealing with could make excellent use of your book and I won’t hesitate to recommend your book to them.




“I first got to know J. Richard Kirkham when he was teaching Martial Arts, we both had a passion for Martial Arts and Marketing. He has shifted his focus towards helping others with his marketing knowledge and this new book is a great example of his skill at captchering new clients with low or no cost marketing techniques.

Large Advertising firms will tell you that you need to spend money to make money and this is outright Bullshit.  J. Richard Kirkham provides some great marketing insights for small businesses that need to reach new customers without getting a 2nd mortgage on their house.

A lot of big businesses focus on acting like a small business to connect with customers and build relationships, this is a simple but powerful insight that should inspire all small businesses… You probably already have the special component that Big Businesses are chasing, don’t copy them, make the most of being small, friendly and real, that’s what people want, believe it or not you have an advantage over the cold companies that treat people like numbers in a queue.

Grab this new book for some great insights on low or no cost advertising to promote your business”

Aaron J. Perry


Interesting content. I’d recommend this book for those looking for unique ideas. The wisdom that real life shares is definitely valuable. -Toshio Ikene , Martial Arts Instructor

What If…

What if this ebook saves you time in trying advertising and marketing ideas that did not work?

What if one of these advertising and marketing ideas is your break through?

What if two or more of these advertising and marketing ideas makes you money and gets you repeat business?

What if, you never find out…?

Visit for more Information

Affiliate Software
Automatic Marketing Software

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Computer Backups

A Fast and Easy Way to Save Your Digital Photos No Matter What Happens to Your Computer!

If You Change Computers Do You Know How to Get Your Digital Photos?

When (not if) Your Computer Crashes What Happens to Your Important Digital Pictures and Work Files?!

This Unique Method of Preserving Your Precious Moments Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else!

Folks I’ve seen this time and time again as an in home computer teacher. The computer crashes or a new computer is purchased and now you either can’t get or don’t know how to get to your precious digital photos of vacations, children and even grandchildren. Kids are only going to be that age one time and their going to stop doing that cute thing they do way to soon. So here’s what you do to make sure those precious moments are saved….

Kirkham’s Easy Digital Photo and File Saver System Click Here for More Information


Computer Instructions

Computer Help In Home In Office for Honolulu Hawaii AND Online for The World!


My name is J. Richard Kirkham. I’m a dual certified teacher and expert in computers and the internet. I began my self-employment as an in home computer tutor specializing in senior citizens, but I soon began getting calls from businesses and even parents wanting me to catch them up on what their kids were doing online so they could keep their children safer.

Through computer training, my own interests and on the job experience I have developed a huge list of services and even products I’ve used to help people just like you! I’m going to try to list these services and products by popularity, though this may change seasonally.

99% of These Services Are Done in The Convenience of Your Home or Office

Click here to continue


Advertising and Marketing Opportunities
Computer Backups
Computer Instructions
Computer Virus Removal
Health and Fitness

Making Money Online
Martial Arts
Weight Loss and Fitness

How to Setup Yahoo Email and Attach Digital Photos

How to Setup Yahoo Email and Attach Digital Photos



The Perfect Book for The Grandchild Getting Frustrated with Teaching Grandparents How to Use Email!


Topics Covered Include:


Setting Up Yahoo Email

How to Send an Email

How to Reply to and Email

How to Create a Folder

How to Move an Email

How to Attach a Digtial Photo to an Email

How to Download a Digital Photo From an Email to Your Computer

How to Find a Digital Photo After You Download to Your Computer

How to Print Your Digital Photos


How to Get Setting Up Yahoo Email and Attaching and Downloading Digital Photos by J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.



Add to Cart for instant download for only $4.95

 More Information


You may now get the paperback version of this book

Computer Virus Spyware and Malicious Software Removal

In Home and Office Computer Virus Removal for Honolulu

In Home and Office Computer Virus Removal for Honolulu and The Island of Oahu

I get a lot of calls about in home and in office computer virus removal from victims. Recently I’ve received calls from malicious viruses looking just like virus protections programs.

The computer virus victim gets popups warning that if they don’t purchase the software their computer faces all types of virus attacks. It may not even let you onto the internet or you may only be able to access certain pages online the programmer of the virus gets paid for or attempts to take your money for the order of the fake antivirus software.


Call Me

As a small business computer expert as well as an  in home computer tutor here in Honolulu Hawaii specializing in teaching confused, sometimes even nervous new computers users from the very beginning of taking the computer out of the box to the point where my computer students only call me when they need me, I want my clientele to eventually not need me!

Anyone who wants to be shown how to remove these viruses themselves so they don’t need to call me next time I’m happy to show them. As a dual certified teacher I simply can’t help myself  : )

Most importantly call me as soon as you begin to get suspicious. Don’t wait until the problem gets so big that I may not be able to save your computer.

Call or text me now on my cell

Rick Kirkham


Email Rick @ ComputerHelp808.com  


Remote Computer Spyware and Maintenance Checks

My name is Rick Kirkham.   As an in home computer tutor here in Honolulu Hawaii and a computer virus removal specialist, I’ve seen the near crying faces from those who’ve permanently lost precious photos and had stolen identities from virus and spyware attacks.  The look of pleading in their eyes for me to do what I do best and save their precious memories and work inside their virus and spyware wounded computer is enough to make me break down myself.

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. computer virus removal specialist now offering remote services

These attacks on your computer can now come from anywhere on the internet from Facebook to simple websites you find in search engines such as Google.

Treat Your Computer Like Your Car

Almost all of these spyware attacks and even plain old computer crashes can be prevented if you would treat your computer like you would your car.

Do a safety check (once a month not once a year)

Keep your computer tuned up with security updates

Keep your anti-virus software up to date to keep your computer running smoothly

Have your computer checked for spyware so the bad guys cannot break into it and steal you identity.

Have a professional do it to help ensure your cyber safety just like you have a professional look at your car for safety.


I Can Now Offer This Service to You and The Rest of The World!

Continue by Clicking Here for More Information


Easy Computer Virus Spyware and Malicious Software Removal Kit

Do you have auto insurance?

Do you have health insurance?

Do you have this computer virus removal toolkit?
Rick Kirkham is a computer virus removal specialist and developer of the Virus Removal Toolkit

Up To Date Anti-Virus Software is NOT Enough!
It’s always an up and down battle between hackers and anti-virus software developers with YOU caught in the middle!

This must have computer virus spyware and malicious software removal toolkit with easy to follow instructions is a necessity for anyone owning a personal computer (P.C.).



Computer Viruses and Spyware Will:

Steal your identity!

Record your keystrokes to get your usernames and passwords!

Damages your work files and digital photographs!

Get your credit card information by spoofing a real anti-virus program!

Let more viruses and spyware into your computer!

Do more damage the longer you put off the removal of the infection!


As a Computer Virus, Spyware and Malicious Software Removal Specialist This is What I’ve Seen


The longing look in the eyes of my computer clients’ praying I can save their precious family photos

The frustration of the business-person whose work is being destroyed by malicious software

*  The look of invasion in my computer spyware victim’s eyes when I tell him/her to contact his/her credit card company immediately


Computer Repair Places Are Not Malicious Software Removal Specialists!

This is something a computer store does “on the side” to make money. I even had a friend who didn’t want to “bother me” take her computer to a computer repair store who unnecessarily wiped all the information from her computer! The computer virus had hidden all of her pictures and work files. It was the computer repair store that had done the actual damage by making all of her files and digital photographs completely irretrievable!



Big Box Computer Stores Are on a Time Limit

If there was anything like the old sweatshops from the 30′s still in existence today it would be the back room of a big box computer store. The computer technicians are under a great amount of pressure to either fix the computer within a limited amount of time, with at least 10 more computers waiting for each computer technician, or to recommend resetting the computer to manufacturer’s settings thus wiping the hard drive and losing all of your digital photos and work files!



You Need a Computer Virus, Spyware and Malicious Software Removal Specialist Not Just a Computer Repair Person!

That’s what I do. I’m Rick Kirkham. With a computer background since 1995, martial arts background since 1973 and a slight case of ADHD so I don’t give up, I love fighting the bad guys that want to steal from and destroy your computer and complicate your life. And I love defeating them!



Based On My Computer Virus, Spyware and Malicious Software Removal Experience I Put This Toolkit Together!

The computer virus removal toolkit comes fits is easy to carry and inserts into a usb port

It can cost $200.00 or more to remove a computer virus, spyware or malicious software from your P.C.. I put this toolkit together and placed it on a thumb drive (flash drive, usb thumb drive whatever you’re comfortable calling it). Just insert into an open usb port (the thin little slots on your computer) and follow the directions!


The computer virus removal toolkit comes fits is easy to carry and inserts into a usb port


How Much is The Malicious Software, Virus and Spyware Removal Toolkit and How Do I Order?


Malicious Software, Virus and Spyware Removal Toolkit

Will soon sell for

Click Here for More Information



Tutoring and P
ositive Reinforcement Techniques and Methodology for all Parents and Teachers Printable Ebook by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc

 Click Here for More Information

Health and Fitness

How to Exercise Throughout Your Day Printable Ebook by Kirkham 

Exercise Throughout Your Day tips and explanations printable ebook for busy people like you who want the energy to play with your children when they ask or you may simply want to enhance your present workout. Written by an expert in alternative teaching methods and physical education
More Information….
Affiliate Program Available

Martial Arts

In Home Martial Arts and Realistic Self-Defense Lessons for Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu by Dual Certified Teacher Sensei J. Richard Kirkham

Mr. Kirkham began martial arts training in 1973. Due to moves and school closings he has studied several arts. His focus remains on realistic self-defense training while maintaining a safe environment in which martial arts and self-defense students may learn and gain confidence in their abilities to protect themselves or their families against bullies, rapists, burglars and muggers (and the occasional drunk friend).

He’s the author of several martial arts books and videos. His two most popular book/video combinations are Step by Step Learning Internal Energy Strikes which teaches you how to increase your punching and kicking power 50% to 100% http://kirkhamsebooks.com/MartialArts/InternalEnergyStrikesEbook_pd.htm and Bringing The Martial Artist Out from Within with it’s Full Bonus Video Over Coming Fear and Self-Defense http://KirkhamsEbooks.com/FightingTechniques/ Having worked in the public school system Rick saw fist hand the effect of school bullies, thus he completed his work When Bullies Attack – How to Teach Your Child to Physically Defend Against The School Bully http://KirkhamsEbooks.com/Bullying/ 

Mr. Kirkham has recently began accepting self-defense students again giving in home or near home lessons. Primarily one on one though he does allow the student to form a group to split tuition. He’s allowing prospective students to contact him on a variety of martial arts and self-defense subject including but not inclusive to discipline, fitness, self-defense and weapons use and defense.

Oahu residents may see Mr. Kirkham in person by contacting him on his personal cell phone 224.1870

Visit http://www.godsbusinessway.com/index.php?action=forum#c6  

Only $2.00 with Resale Rights How to Block Better for Martial Artists and NonMartial Artists

In this instant download ebook I will give you the principles of effective blocking along with some innovative drills and exercises to practice both on your own and with a partner to improve your ability to block punches and kicks even under the stress of a real life attack. You have resale rights to this book. You can sell this book as many times as you like AND KEEP ALL THE MONEY.


Self-Defense Book for Kids with Optional Video by Dual Certified Teacher and Self-Defense Instructor Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.
When Bullies Attack Ebook

When Bullies Attack Self-Defense Book for Kids with Optional Video will Teach Your Child to Physically Defend Against The School Bully with Self-defense and Nonlethal Karate

On That Day When Nothing Else Works
More Information
Free Preview of When Bullies Attack by Dual Certified Teacher,
Behavior Modification Expert and
Self-Defense Instructor
Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc
Affiliate Program Available

Improve Your Fighting Techniques Now with This Instant Download Video and Ebook

Whether you need even better fighting techniques for mixed martial arts or street fighting techniques for self-defense, this is the fighting techniques drills ebook and fighting techniques video for you…!

Martial arts and self-defense drills designed for self-defense and street fighting

Wait, wait, Get Free Fighting Techniques and Self-Defense Tips While You’re Here

Self_Defense_Tips-subscribe @ yahoogroups.com

No Fear! That’s crap. This will show you how to use it!

You get one shot! Where do you hit him? No Not there!

He shoves you and swings. Don’t just stand there! Quick do what’s on page 34!

94 pages of drills to improve your fighting techniques developed by dual certified teacher Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.. Who began martial arts training in 1973, graduated Eastern Illinois University as a dual certified physical educator.

Sensei Kirkham developed expertise in behavior modification and spent his life researching the fear factor in order to improve his own fighting techniques.

AND NOW Sensei Kirkham will share his fighting techniques drills INCLUDING the use of fear to improve your fighting techniques and help you to become an even more dangerous individual to those who would do harm to you or your family!

More Information


Only $2.00 How to Slip and Duck Better for Martial Arts and Self-Defense with Resale Rights


In this instant download ebook I will give you the principles of slipping and ducking punches and other strikes along with some innovative drills and exercises to practice both on your own and with a partner to improve your defense even under the stress of a real life attack. You have resale rights to this book. You can sell this book as many times as you like AND KEEP ALL THE MONEY. 

Solo Martial Arts Drills for Training in Martial Arts by Yourself by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Solo Martial Arts Drills Printable Ebook

At last a solo martial arts training printable ebook for martial artists and self-defense practitioners who train alone. This book includes drills from over 30 years of martial arts and self-defense training. When you’re finished following the drills in this book you will find yourself to be well rounded for all self-defense situation….

Download your true training partner Solo Martial Arts Drills by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. Presently for with FREE email consultations and FREE upgrades for only $9.00. As book grows the price will eventually be $19.00 so order now and save yourself some money.

More Information….


Step by Step Learning Martial Arts Internal Energy Strikes Ebook and NOW FREE Bonus Full Version Video by Kirkham

Both martial artists and nonmartial artists have doubled their striking power with my methods. Learn martial arts internal energy strikes with Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. and his no nonsense method. Hit Harder Punch Harder Kick Harder Block Better by a martial arts expert with a background in Exercise Physiology and Alternative Teaching Methods.
More Information
Affiliate Program Available

Weight Loss and Fitness

Sensie J. Richard Kirkham lost 28lbs from Oct 15 to Dec 4How I’m Losing Weight and GettingRick Kirkham lifetime Mila user and distributor for Genesis Pure Healthier

My name is Sensei J. Richard Kirkham. In one and one half months I’ve lost almost 30lbs. If a broken down old martial artist can do it and come back to life – SO CAN YOU!


How to Eat Only When You’re Hungry Short Concise Printable Ebook by Kirkham

Two big problems in the world are eating for all kinds of reasons including stress and entertainment and not having time to learn to do anything about it. Both problems are solved by following the guidelines in this very short to the point instant download instant use $2.00 book WITH Resale Rights.


How to Exercise Throughout Your Day Printable Ebook by Kirkham

 Exercise Throughout Your Day tips and explanations printable ebook for busy people like you who want the energy to play with your children when they ask or you may simply want to enhance your present workout. Written by an expert in alternative teaching methods and physical education


Making Money Online

How I Dominate the Search Engines by J. Richard Kirkham

Over the years I’ve developed a system for getting a high ranking on search engines. For a limited time I’m going to share this method with you BUT I’m keeping the right to stop making this ebook available if making my method public begins affecting my own sales and how I feed my family. I’ve also taken the liberty of filling this ebook with clickable resources I use all the time, some of which I have never divulged previously.

Download your full version of How I Dominate The Search Engines while I’m still offering it by supporting my efforts and limiting the number of downloads

 More Information….
Affiliate Program Available


Affiliate Software
Automatic Marketing Software
Blog Utilities

Affiliate Software

Now Easily Add Google Adsense and Tracking Affiliate Universal Page Maker with Resale and Giveaway Rights

The easiest and fastest way in the world to produce an affiliate webpage! Now even newbies can easily make an affiliate page for ALL AFFILIATE PROGRAMS to make the process of making money on the internet easier. The new Gold version of Affiliate Universal Page Maker gives you an important feature that had been missing in the other two versions of Affiliate Universal Page Maker…!

Get The Resale Rights Version FREE!

Join Here to Get The Freeware Version

Subscribe to FreewareAffiliatePageMaker

Join Here for Your Freeware

More Information

Download The Resale Rights Version

Order and Download Insantly the enhanced version to help increase your chances of good search engine placement. If you get the enhanced version you may request a custom version of the resale rights version with your affiliate link in the program.

Order and Download Instantly the Gold Version to build sales both now and for the future. The custom version offer applies to this version as well.

Affiliate Program Covers Both Full Versions

More Information

Automatic Marketing Software

Automate Your Tweets and Internet Marketing with TweetNSleep Twitter Automation Software

Make Twitter posts in your sleep to automate your internet marketing and free advertising campaign. Free yourself to develop more products to make even more money online….

More Information


Affiliate Program Available

Capture Emails from Google Search Save Time Make More Money!

The traditional way to trade links and communicate with your fellow niche website owners is to search Google, go to that web page, hope the website owner left an email, then email the website owner. Why not do this automatically!? If it’s the same niche you’re still acting ethically, you’re just applying the power of this software to capture the emails for you!

No More Long Manual Search!

Search Up to 500 Links Automatically!

Gather Emails from Your Search in INI Format!

Gather Emails from Your Search in Text Format!

Features Added to Capture Emails from Google Search Software by Kirkham

Email capture software from Google search will list emails even if they’re not linked

Email capture software from Google search attempt to circumvent some methods of preventing email capture

Email capture software from Google search will list your emails in an ini file to help prevent duplicates

Email capture software from Google search will list just the emails in a text file

Do Other Work While Capturing Emails from Google Search!



Form Filler to Comment on Blogs Forums Facebook Twitter Multiple Clipboard Scary Easy Software by J. Richard Kirkham

Have you ever spent a long numbing time filling out forms or copying and pasting submissions of articles, freeware, shareware or anything else that requires you to type in the same text for the same forms over and over? THIS software is for you! Find out how you can get this for a limited time…. Oh, wait, it does more…!

Comment on blogs and social sites with ease!

Post to forums without the hand cramps from typing the same thing over and over!

Copies up to five separate clipboards for easy pasting!

Saves multiple urls (web addresses) for easy pasting!

You can even use it to save emails or important parts of a web page!

Even can copy from text files!

Copies the clipboard on the fly AND saves them to text files for later use!

Remembers your last settings and clipboards for future easy pasting!


Stay tune update in progress…!

Group Your Email List by Number FOR Email Marketing and Group Mails

As I began using my new email marketing programCapture Emails from Google Search, I realized the difficulty in email marketing by sending emails through Yahoo Email and Hotmail since they both limit the number of emails we can send out at one time. I wrote this software to group numbers of emails in a text file to stop the mundane task of counting emails to send in Yahoo Email and Hotmail.

With Group Your Email List by Number Software there will be

No More:

Yahoo or Hotmail Errors due to too many emails sent at once!

Counting Emails Manually to avoid having to redo all your work!

Ending Up In Spam Folders after all that work and no one reads your email marketing emails or group postings!

How Group Your Email List by Number Works

This software couldn’t be simpler to use. It took me one day to write it. After using the program one time a folder on your desktop appears called Programs by Rick. In that folder you’ll find Group Emails by Kirkham folder and finally Group Emails by Kirkham program upon which you should double click.

Single left click on Autorun Program by KirkhamsEbooks.com

If you’re using XP it has a nasty habit of placing your selection box in the task bar. Find it by the first words

Select your folder then your text file

Left mouse click on it to open the window if you don’t see it.

Use the navigation to select first your folder

Click on your list of emails

Click Open

Select the number of emails you wish to group

20 is the default, but I wrote the software to remember all your last selections.

The email utility software will then make three paragraphs between your sets of emails and save your email text file with the same name plus the number of emails per group as in the example below.

Example list separating every 20 emails in a made up email list.

This Sounds Like a GREAT Program Not Only for Email Marketing, But for Sending Group Emails to Friends!

I can’t argue with you there. I’ve been thinking about writing this email list grouping for email marketing and group mailings for sometime now. I’m glad I finally did it and know that you’ll get just as much use out of it as I am already!

How Much is Group Your Email List by Numbers?

Stay tune for an update…!


Utilities Software Freeware and Shareware to Make Your Tasks Easier

Free Software Makes Shortcuts on Your Desktop to Your Favorite Websites

Do you have websites you visit on a regular basis?

Are you constantly having to look for the website or open the favorites section of your internet browser?

Would you like a faster way to get to your favorite websites?

Well Look No Further!

Introducing Kirkham’s Shortcut to Website Maker Freeware WITH Customizable Resale Rights!

Just fill in the two simple information boxes and you can make as many desktop shortcuts leading to your favorite places on the internet you like!

I wrote this shortcut to website maker freeware program with customizable resale rights to make it easy for new computer users or advanced computer users in a hurry to make desktop shortcuts to their commonly used websites. I also wrote the program to help promote my new family owned online discount store which offers groceries to electronics.

How Do I Use Kirkham’s Shortcut to Website Maker?

Just download the Kirkham’s Shortcut to Website Maker Software

More Information


Blog Utilities

Free WordPress App with Resale Rights

Ever notice if you use your WYSIWYG HTML editor, then copy the code into your WordPress blog you get extra lines?

That’s because even when you paste your code into the html section of your WordPress Blog it creates extra lines based on the line breaks your editor made.

So I wrote this program that will remove line breaks from anything in the clipboard.

Just copy your web page code into the clipboard

Double click on RemPara.exe

The program will replace all hard breaks in the code with a space and add it to your clipboard so you can paste it into your WordPress Blog without having to do any extra editing.

Download it right here for free

Actually this program will work on anything that has hard break lines you  need to remove before pasting, I just wrote it for my WordPress Blog.

Permission is granted to use this program, give it away or even sell it.

Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.


New Easy Spreadsheet Available to Calculate Employee Pay and Keep Track of Hours

A spreadsheet is perfect for the mundane time consuming task of keeping track of your own hours or your employees hours and what to pay them or what you are going to get paid This easy to use spreadsheet available for download will handle all that automatically…!

* Tracks Multiple Employees

* Tracks Multiple Hourly Wages

* Shows Hours Worked Each Day

* Shows Total Hours Worked Each Week

* Easy to Use

* No Need to Know Spreadsheet Formulas

Get more information now….